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DStv installations Gerdview & repairs, Open View, Tv Mounting, Reconnection, Xtra view setup etc. We provides High Quality & affordable DS-tv & Open View Installation.

Open View Installation, No Signal, Xtra View, Relocating, Tv mounting, HD Upgrades. We offer You the Best DStv Professional Service, We are just one call away to help you. Cctv Installations. Dstv Installation. Cctv Installation. Tv Mounting. Internet service.

DSTV Installation in Gerdview

We are authorized re-sellers of DSTV products in Gerdview and provide a range of services for your convenience.

Our qualified DSTV Specialists provide new Dstv Installations Gerdview through to upgrades, service and repairs, we aim to bring you the very best in HD Digital TV viewing including Premium Sports, Movies, Box Sets, Documentaries and New US Shows, all at the push of a button.

We are located at No: 23 Emden Road Gerdview.


We just do not deal with new DSTV installation Gerdview  ONLY we also provide a full range of additional services for the residents and business owners of Gerdview, Sunnyridge and Sunnyrock.

If you are experiencing a faulty decoder, weak or total loss of Dstv signal, intermittent viewing, loss of sound or loss of service, get in touch with our repairs & servicing department for a speedy fix and restored viewing in no time.

In addition, we also specialize in HDTV wall mounting, cabling and Television set up. From basic TV set up, installing new TV points and wiring it all together through to full, custom AV & Surround Sound, Home Theatre installation, Cable Management, TV Mounting, Dstv Extra view, HDMI Extenders, Cat5/ Cat6 Networking and fixing Dstv satellites on your home. 

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Elite Dstv Installation Company has the lowest comeback rate. We don’t take Short-Cuts! In addition, we employ only the best DStv installers Gerdview to do your installations in the Johannesburg South, East Rand, Sandton, Midrand, Randburg, Centurion, Pretoria East and Pretoria North areas.

Dstv Installers Greenstone

Satellite dish realignment 

Dstv Installer Constantia Park

If your dish is out of alignment by only a couple of millimetres, this will cause your picture to break up and pixelate. This is why it is extremely important that the dish has been installed in the best possible location of your property to ensure a good line of sight to achieve the best possible pictures on your TV.

Unfortunately it is often the case that satellite dishes have been installed to facilitate the task of the installation engineer rather than to accommodate the requirements of the customer. In these instances dishes may have been Installed low to the ground which in turn keeps the cabling down to a minimum and thereby reducing the costs to the engineer and the time he need dedicate to the job. This is not how we do things at Andy’s Aerials. We always put the requirements of the customer first and uppermost. We always favour the chimney stack as the preferred location, where we know at that height we can get a better quality of signal

When it comes to installing a DStv satellite dish, it is important to align the dish correctly. As a matter of fact, correct dish installation and alignment provides the best signal strength for your DSTV decoder. You can easily do this by hiring a DStv approved installer who has the right equipment to do a correct satellite dish alignment.

DStv Accredited Installer For Your DStv Decoder

Installation of the DStv Explora Ultra decoder works exactly like all our other Explora models, so you’ll need an 80cm dish and a DStv Smart LNB. We recommend using a DStv Accredited Installer (Our work carries a 3-month warranty).

Payment of a monthly Access Fee and an active DStv subscription is required to experience the full Ultra experience (including a connection to an additional decoder in XtraView and access to streaming apps).

An additional monthly Access Fee is required if you’d like to add a third decoder in XtraView.

Please remember that data costs apply when connected to the internet and, in some cases, separate subscriptions may be required for streaming apps. The quality of your streaming depends on your internet connection and line speed.

Features vary based on active subscriptions.

The DStv Explora Ultra can deliver standard-definition video via RCA, HD, and 4K video via HDMI. However, RF is not supported. You can enjoy crisp and vivid HD, 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos in content where available and if the decoder is connected to the correct equipment.

The DStv Explora Ultra has a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

Only available in South Africa.



The HDMI Extender over Single Cat6 with IR extends high definition video and audio signals and IR, at a distance of up to 60m over a single Cat6 cable. Features EDID management, which allows and encourages source and display “handshake” for seamless integration. With only one cost-effective Cat6 cable, high-definition sources with HDMI outputs can be connected to high-definition displays with HDMI inputs over long distances. Deep color video, DTS-HD, or Dolby TrueHD audio is supported and compatible with the extender. In addition, the extender is also equipped with bi-directional IR pass-through which allows for source or display control. The extender offers the most convenient solution for HDMI extension over a single Cat6 with long-distance capability and is the perfect solution for any application.

Does HDMI over Cat6 work?

Absolutely. You can run HDMI audio, 1080p, 2K, and 4K video and IR signal for your remote up to 220 feet using only a single Cat6 cable and have all of your video equipment neatly stored somewhere in the basement in an enclosed rack or cabinet.


There’s no need of using swap devices. With an HDMI extender, you can easily connect devices over a long distance between devices. … It is recommended to buy the HDMI extension solution from a reputable company with good customer support.

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