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We are authorized re-sellers of DSTV products in Monument Park and provide a range of services for your convenience.

Our qualified DSTV Specialists provide new Dstv Installations through upgrades, service, and repairs, we aim to bring you the very best in HD Digital TV viewing including Premium Sports, Movies, Box Sets, Documentaries, and New US Shows, all at the push of a button.


We just do not deal with new DSTV installation Gauteng  ONLY we also provide a full range of additional services for the residents and business owners of Gauteng.

If you are experiencing a faulty decoder, weak or total loss of Dstv signal, intermittent viewing, loss of sound or loss of service, get in touch with our repairs & servicing department for a speedy fix and restored viewing in no time.

In addition, we also specialize in HDTV wall mounting, cabling and Television set up. From basic TV set up, installing new TV points and wiring it all together through to full, custom AV & Surround Sound, Home Theatre installation, Cable Management, TV Mounting, Dstv Extra view, HDMI Extenders, Cat5/ Cat6 Networking and fixing Dstv satellites on your home. 

What we install

Dstv Xtraview 3Decoders
Dstv Decorder 3A
Android TV Streaming Device
Dstv Decorder Ultra

Elite Dstv Installation Company has the lowest comeback rate. We don’t take Short-Cuts! In addition, we employ only the best DStv installers to do your installations in the Monument Park, Faerie Glen, Silver lakes, Silverwood, Glenwood, Garsfontein, Elarduspark, Menlyn, Moreleta Park, Olympus Country Estate Pretoria East, Pretoria North, and surrounding areas.

Dstv Installers Greenstone

Our technicians are professional. So, our DStv setup service in Alberton is very reliable. We also repair your DStv according to industry standards.

Our DStv-approved technicians are also punctual. In fact, our DStv installers Alberton complete fast and durable DStv repairs.

Our DStv specialists have a lot of experience in fixing DStv decoder problems. We also provide our services to domestic, commercials, and industrial dwellings. So, our clients appreciate the work that we do.

Dstv Installer Constantia Park

We are DStv Installations Experts in the Dstv industry well-trained in all Dstv Installations Services To offer in the Monument Park  Area . Reliable Same Day Services that will assist you anytime from anywhere We are friendly, and We can give you professional technical advice on all your Dstv Installations In the Monument Park Area. 

Have You Recently Purchased A decoder and you are in need of a Professional Dstv Technician to help you with your installation look no more we have Installers available to come out and assist you …If you don’t have the dish kit or the decoder we can supply.

Dstv Decorder Ultra

With only the best and up-to-date technology to service our clients with the most cost-effective installations and Dstv installation repairs. You can now enjoy Entertainment in the comfort of your own house if you require assistance with your home installations in Alberton look no more. We are here for you. We have professional Dstv Technicians to assist you with any of your home installations in Alberton. Get the remote back in your hand in no time with top-notch installation services from Dstv Installers Alberton 24hrs Services.

Dstv Xtraview 3Decoders

Dstv stands for Digital Satellite Television. With the growth in technology equipment, technology scientists tried to find the solution for current problems and connect people. Then, apart from the internet, they invented television that has better advantages over the radio which caught signals through the small antennas fitted in it. However, television has more benefits because it gives you a visual representation of the objects and keeps you aware of what is happening around the world. Are you asking yourself how much is dstv installation in south africa? Call Us today on 0827487019 we will give you the best deal.

A lot of people confuse a “no signal” error that is caused by an incorrect TV source with DStv errors. All DStv errors codes start with the letter “E”. Here are a few examples:

  • E48-32 – the decoder is not getting DStv signal from the satellite dish.
  • E143 – there is no communication from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder.
  • Use the self-service portal to clear all other DStv errors by dialing *120*68584#. Make sure you use the sim card number that was used to register DStv.

Make sure that you connect your HDMI and AV cables properly.

Installation Wizard

If you are stuck on the DStv installation wizard then see post on how to run the installation wizard.

Flashing lights on the decoder

If you see the decoder flashing red, green, and yellow lights then your power cable might be faulty. Find a spare charger for the decoder and use it to test for power.

If the decoder is refusing to switch on and it shows a red light then take it to Multichoice for repairs.

Check for loose cable connections

Loose cable connections cause a lot of signal problems. Sometimes and kids and pets can pull cables. So, before you call us, make sure that all cables are attached correctly on the right ports. Attach the signal cables to the LNB in port on the decoder.

F-type connectors can cause unforeseen signal problems if you attach them incorrectly. Here is a link to the post on how to make sure that your DStv cables are put correctly.

Our technicians are professional. So, our DStv setup service in Monument Park t is very reliable. We also repair your DStv according to industry standards.

Our DStv-Approved technicians are also punctual. In fact, our DStv installers complete fast and durable DStv repairs.

Our DStv specialists have a lot of experience in fixing DStv decoder problems. We also provide our services to domestic, commercials and industrial dwellings. So, our clients appreciate the work that we do.


  1. Fast DStv no signal troubleshooting
  2. DStv Repair Services
  3. Additional TV points
  4. Extra View Set up
  5. Surround Sound setup
  6. Dish take-down & DStv Reinstallations
  7. DStv cable replacements
  8. Dish Replacements
  9. Satellite Dish Alignment & replacements
  10. Single, Twin, and Smart LNB Replacements
  11. TV Mounting/ Plasma TV Wall Mounts/ Wall Mounted/ Wall Brackets
Dstv Installers Monument Park 1

Multichoice DStv installers Monument Park

As approved DStv installers who work in Monument Park, we work according to industry standards. Since our DStv tech guys are certified, your DStv repairs are done in the best possible way. Our installers also use the right tools to do the DStv setup.

If you are looking for a DStv-approved installer who works in Monument Park then hire us. In fact, you can call us. We promise to send you a skilled DStv installer who will do a good job.

DStv Installation Monument Park

Dstv Installers Monument Park provides cheap dish installation services around Monument Park. So, if you have a rusted dish then talk to us. We supply galvanized steel and aluminum DStv dishes that we get from our suppliers.

In fact, our tech guys know the best places to get the best signal for your DStv dish. You can either call us or leave a message on our contact page.

DStv Explora installation in Monument Park

If you have recently bought a new DStv Explora decoder then hire us. We have DStv guys who can help you set up your decoder so that you can enjoy your TV viewing experience.

As an approved DSTV installation company, we provide a wide variety of DSTV packages, therefore if you are not sure of what to choose, our knowledgeable team of professionals will help you since they are determined to see you make the most appropriate decisions. Our services are not only insured but also speedy and reliable. Whenever you need delivery, servicing or installation of a digital TV in your home or even office, our DSTV installation Pretoria East experts are your best choice. You can also contact us for upgrades, such as the new Explora decoder, for extra channels and benefits and should you experience any problems with your DSTV, our repair team is on hand.

Our DSTV installations include the following:

* Hatfield * Hillcrest * Lynnwood * Faerie Glen * Menlo Park * Eastwood * Menlyn * Arcadia * Brooklyn * Newlands 


DSTV Installations Monument Park

DSTV Installations Monument Park delivers expert services at your door, on time, every time! The best service in your neighborhood. Guaranteed! We provide services in digital satellite television (DSTV). Dstv relocations, New Installations, Signal Repairs, Fibre Fusion/ Splicing, Wifi Extenders, Explora 1, 2, 3, 4, DStv Extra view, Trippleview, HDMI distribution/Splitters, Smart TV wall mounting, Lnb, Extra-Points, Netflix, Soundbar wall mounting, Dstv Communal Setup GTU, SAT CR, Cctv.

Dstv Installation Silverlakes

Dstv Monument Park

DSTV Installations Monument Park is a DSTV accredited company and CCTV Installation Company. With us, you can rest assured of all your DSTV installation requirements. Call us for dish re-locations from one home to the other, decoder upgrades, installation of all models of Explora, cable repairs, configurations, tv wall mounting, soundbar setup or mounting, lnb replacement, communal setup, quad GTU, you name it, call our team 082-748-7019 we are on call 24/7 to give you a hassle-free and professional service that will meet your needs and expectations. Speak to us DSTV Installations Monument Park and get the best solution – we are here for you.

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