DSTV Installation in Gerdview

We are authorized re-sellers of DSTV products in Randburg and provide a range of services for your convenience.

Our qualified DSTV Specialists provide new Dstv Installations Randburg through to upgrades, service and repairs, we aim to bring you the very best in HD Digital TV viewing including Premium Sports, Movies, Box Sets, Documentaries and New US Shows, all at the push of a button.


We just do not deal with new DSTV installation Randburg  ONLY we also provide a full range of additional services for the residents and business owners of Randburg, Northriding and Sunnyrock.

If you are experiencing a faulty decoder, weak or total loss of Dstv signal, intermittent viewing, loss of sound or loss of service, get in touch with our repairs & servicing department for a speedy fix and restored viewing in no time.

In addition, we also specialize in HDTV wall mounting, cabling and Television set up. From basic TV set up, installing new TV points and wiring it all together through to full, custom AV & Surround Sound, Home Theatre installation, Cable Management, TV Mounting, Dstv Extra view, HDMI Extenders, Cat5/ Cat6 Networking and fixing Dstv satellites on your home. 

As a fully proficient DSTV installation Company Randburg, we also provide excellent aftercare repairs & servicing for when things dont quite go to plan. If you are you experiencing issues with your current installation, we can help, offering decoder repairs, dish re-alignment, replacement cables and Digital TV Box Upgrades including software and firmware updates to ensure your equipment stays up to date.

Call our team today if you are experiencing issues with signal problems, decoder malfunction or picture quality issues. We can also provide additional installation, multi room set up, DSTV installation relocation and much more. Getting your TV & Audio set up is crucial to getting the maximum benefit from your set up and can be frustrating when things go wrong. Our team is on hand 100% of the time to help get you sorted in no time.

Dstv Xtraview 3Decoders
Dstv Decorder 3A
Android TV Streaming Device
Dstv Decorder Ultra

Elite Dstv Installation Company has the lowest comeback rate. We don’t take Short-Cuts! In addition, we employ only the best DStv installers Randburg to do your installations in the Johannesburg South, East Rand, Sandton, Midrand, Randburg, Centurion, Pretoria East and Pretoria North areas.


Dstv Installers Greenstone

Dstv stands for Digital Satellite Television. With the growth in technology equipment, technology scientists tried to find the solution for current problems and connect people. Then, apart from the internet, they invented television that has better advantages over the radio which caught signals through the small antennas fitted in it. However, television has more benefits because it gives you a visual representation of the objects and keeps you aware of what is happening around the world. Are you asking yourself how much is dstv installation in south africa? We will give you the best deal.

Dstv Installation Silverlakes

We are dstv Installations Experts in the Dstv industry well-trained in all Dstv Installations Services To offer in the Randburg Area .Reliable Same Day Services that will assist you anytime from anywhere We are friendly, and We can give you professional technical advice on all your Dstv Installations In the Randburg Area. 

Have You recently Purchased A decoder and in need of Professional Dstv Technician to help you with you installation look no more we have Installers available to come out and assist you …If you don’t have the dish kit or the decoder we can supply.

With only the best and up to date technology to service our clients with the most cost-effective installations and Dstv installation repairs repairs. You can now enjoy Entertainment in the comfort of your own house if you require assistance with your home installations in Randburg area look no more. We are here for you. We have professional Dstv Technicians to assist you with any of your home installations in Randburg. Get the remote back in your hand in no time with top notch installation services from Dstv Installers Randburg 24hrs Services.

Dstv Installer Constantia Park

Dstv installation Randburg

we provide high-quality Dstv installation Randburg services. Our DStv installers near Randburg will attract you to work with us. We keep our complete system transparent to help you understand more about what we can help you in this regard. If you are interested in hiring a Dstv installation Randburg team, you can have a look at what our team offers. However, if one of these services match your taste, you can go through the whole article and understand our mechanism for DStv installations Randburg. How much does dstv installation cost and how much is a dstv installation? Our charges are relatively low.

XtraView / Dual view

Dstv Xtraview 3Decoders

With XtraView or Dual view, you can link either two or three decoders together under ONE subscription (and only pay a monthly Access Fee for the other decoders). When linking two decoders, you will pay your normal monthly subscription plus ONE Access Fee of R105 The primary decoder when linking 3 together MUST be a DStv Explora.

If you are a pensioner and are wondering do pensioners get discounts on DSTV? Well, DStv does offer a commercial subscription to multi-unit retirement homes, which means that pensioners can get DStv services at a reduced rate.

Want us to run your DStv system for a longer duration? Proper care is an essential for your Dstv Installation to make it usable for a long time. However, many people try to find solutions for the dish system. They either do the job by themselves or go for the best DStv installers near Randburg to locate what is going on. After all, you need to keep your settings easy to restart the system by yourself. Sometimes, you have to reset your complete settings for this purpose. However, Dstv maintenance Randburg services are highly popular among the whole Randburg. As the people want to set up all the system and do it effectively, you should find top dstv installers near Randburg.To make sure your dish is working effectively, you need to apply manual processes. You can change the settings and change the direction of the satellite determine. Apart from that, there are other procedures too to carry out the work. Dstv maintenance Randburg is as important as DStv installation Randburg

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